Harry Winston Opus 12

Opus 12 defies the standard guidelines of watchmaking, giving start to essentially the most unbelievable mechanical idea. This distinctive timepiece intentionally overturns the notion of time by drawing its inspiration from the Copernican revolution in line with which the earth rotates across the solar and round itself. Time not reads through a pair of arms positioned within the heart of the dial, however by the peripheral drive of 12 pairs of arms going from the circumference to the middle. The arms, pointed in the direction of the inside draw
consideration to the middle of time. A retrograde hand, synchronized with the primary minuteshand, advances alongside a five-minute sector. On the finish of its journey it flies again to its preliminary place whereas the lengthy five-minutes hand pivots and units itself nonetheless.


37 thoughts on “Harry Winston Opus 12

  1. Rafmagn says:

    and you think that the people who make these watches dont need food? Do you have any idea of how many people are employed solely because someone is willing to buy a watch this expensive?

  2. ZomZilla says:

    i love the concept (though noone here woul beleive it i had a similar idea a while back, though not as good as this)
    why are watches like this always so fat? that would be the real acheivement; if it were thin

  3. Vatharian says:

    The power reserve… Well, the Opus 12 has so many moving parts, requiring energy to move, and you can store limited energy in the spring, so it is enough for like 40 hours or so. This watch is an engineers' both wet dream and horror, but you can't deny, it's absolutely amazing. It really is beautiful, it's actually usable (despite it's size – 17mm thick! Same as HYT H1), and it's not expensive because of gazillion of worthless diamonds. I'd buy it, if I could. It's a technological showoff.

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