Tiffany & Co. — A New York Minute

Introducing the Tiffany CT60™ assortment. From the inventors of the New York Minute. Streamlined design meets Swiss craftsmanship. These Swiss watches are impressed by New York and originate within the nation that put horology on the map. Tiffany CT60 luxurious watches are formidable, trendy and totally new.

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5 thoughts on “Tiffany & Co. — A New York Minute

  1. bstevans0 says:

    pfff, tiffany is a brand for female secretaries, executive assistants and low level white collar women who dream of marrying a rich guy.

    Meanwhile, Cartier is a brand for people with money and power on their minds. In this sense, tiffany is for bimbos and cartier is for smart people.

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