Tiffany & Co. — The Dream Maker

Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany’s dream modified the world.


28 thoughts on “Tiffany & Co. — The Dream Maker

  1. Martin White says:

    Furthermore, if the person is quality, they dont need this stuff, quality comes from within the person, not fripperies. My wife wears a glass, single stone amethyst coloured stone, it has no value whatsoever, on her it looks class.

  2. Martin White says:

    Oh, its all top quality stuff, I agree, I deal in Jewellery and the designs are ok I suppose, nothing spectacular.
    I have two heavy square bangles at the moment, perfectly genuine, they weigh just over 40 grams and well made but $700 is ridiculous really. I'm selling mine at £150, about $200 and feel a little guilty, without that "Tiffany" mark they'd be no more than $60 at the most. After all, someone has to pay for that 5th avenue address, someone has to pay all those salespersons etc.

  3. Martin White says:

    I'm not so easily fooled, Tiffany just want you're money, its all grossly overpriced and certainly nothing special, except the prices of course. It's not the gold or silver bracelet or the tiny diamonds which they won't buy back by the way, its the "Tiffany" box they come in.

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