Cartier – Excessive Jewellery (Cartier Royal assortment)

The Reine Makéda necklace

Each Cartier creation begins with a stone. On this case, an elongated oval ruby from Mozambique weighing 15.29 carats. It is a jewel that appears to have a beating coronary heart, resplendent in each facet of its substance, its wealthy colour and its highly effective, glittering hearth.

A complete of three,320 hours went into creating this piece – an ideal design complemented by the excellence of the jeweler and the distinctive and explicit expertise employed. In the end, a human, emotional sensibility resides in its sensuality.

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Platinum, one 15.29-carat oval-shaped ruby from Mozambique, one three.51-carat D IF round-shaped rose-cut diamond, one 5.10-carat E VS2 pear-shaped rose-cut diamond, cabochon-cut and faceted ruby beads, pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds, calibrated diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds. The ruby chocker and the diamond necklace might be worn individually.